Sponge Iron


Some of these advantages of during steel making process:

  •   More reduction of Feo and send back Fe from Slag phase to melting Phase


  •   Oxygen remained from injection is negligible (not suitable for casting)


  •   Pasty Slag will generate without any graphite injection


  •   Coke addition requirement will decrease sharply. This cause to save around 5.6 USD per kg Coke.


  •   With high carbon content of sponge iron – DRI , decreasing the cost of melt production is visible from 1%to 2.5 %, 10 US Dollar per ton.


  •   With high carbon content of (up to 2.5 %), it will cause significant decrease in energy consumption (up to 300KW/ton)


Generally, Iran`s total sponge iron production is in class B. DRI class B can be shipped to distant destinations in containerized jumbo-bags without any hazards and necessary precautions. But for bulk shipment of DRI , there is some conservation based on IMSBC Codes.  So, we have a professional expert group who were trained for ensure of safe carriage of bulk cargoes.