Iran with having  the greatest Iron Ore mines in region from one side and rich sources  of energy especially natural gas from the other side, is the first producer and supplier  of steel in the MENA region.

Actually, based on the targeting done for enhancement of Iran steel production from 20 Million tons to 55 Million, many more steel mills are under construction.

This volume of production makes  Iran a trustworthy supplier of Iron and steel over the coming years.

Moreover, with construction of tens of gas based Direct Reduced Sponge Iron factories ,Iran is rapidly heading to become the greatest producers of Direct Reduced Sponge Iron DRI in the world.

Despite all the conservation imposed on stocking, loading and carriage of DRI class B, our team has a successful experience in stocking, loading and preparation of even bulk DRI cargoes; which is due to the relevant international courses and training of our team.

 Also, Raiva International Trading is prepared to deliver smaller DRI cargoes in containerized jumbo bags to its customers all over the world.

For more information on how to pay, product analysis and transporting the products, as well as issues related to international trade and the final price, you can contact us through the numbers which are available on the website or our social networks.