Portland Cement Type-1

Type I is a general purpose portland cement suitable for all uses where the special properties of other types are not required.

 It is used where cement or concrete is not subject to specific exposures, such as sulfate attack from soil or water, or to an objectionable temperature rise due to heat generated by hydration.

Portland Cement Type1-425

High compressive strength, low heat generation and fast setting

The benefits of concrete made of cement type 1-425

Increase in speed of construction due to slow and continuous increase of strength and high ultimate strength.


For general purposes in the normal weather and for environments suffering of  high levels of sulfate and chloride. In construction of sidewalks, asphalt and structures which need high strength as foundations, columns, bridges and tunnels.
And when use that the special properties specified for any other type are not required.

Raiva international Trading can provide cement type-1-425 in any volume at the quickest time for its clients.

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