Forged Grinding Steel Ball


Types of steel balls

Raiva International Trading  Company is a supplier of steel balls made of 70Cr2 steel by roll forging method and with a variety of sizes from 25 to 100 mm.

Technical specifications of high-quality steel balls

Technical specifications of high-quality steel balls,  sphericity,  size according to standard and mechanical and metallographic properties according to the standard like high resistance to abrasion and deformation.

Hardened forged steel balls are very suitable for ball mills when severe abrasion and chemical resistance are required. These balls can also be used when heat generation is crucial for milling and dispersing processes.

Due to its high density and relative hardness, alloy steel has special uses in crushers and for mixing hard and heavy materials.

It is also used in mills where severe pressures and blows are applied or in various crushing processes. Forged steel balls offer many advantages in reducing particle size and dispersion of high-viscosity micro fluids.

The advantages of rolled-forged balls can be summarized as follows

  • -The use of the rolling-forging process makes the ball have a smooth surface and is free of any surface defects, deformations, and distortions. These properties increase crushing efficiency and homogeneity in Asia.
  • -The rolling-forging process can eliminate internal defects in the steel structure (caused by ingots) and improve the microstructure. This process causes the mechanical properties of the produced ball to be higher than other balls.
  • -Rolling-forging balls have a higher density than other balls, and this causes the failure rate of these balls to be lower than the rest, which in turn reduces the ball consumption and energy consumption in Asia.
  • -balls produced by the rolling-forging method have a constant quality and have higher fracture toughness and hardness. Their internal and external structure is slightly different from each other.
  • -Steel balls have all the advantages of steel. Heat treatment, high production efficiency, a mechanized and automatic processes in the production of balls, production steps without the need for manual labor, and the intervention of disturbing factors are other strengths.

Specifications of steel balls in Raiva International Trading Company

Size: Raiva International Trading Company is able to provide Asian balls with a diameter of 25 to 100 mm according to customer needs.

Chemical composition: In Raiva International Trading Company, for each size of the ball profile, special chemical composition is considered in accordance with the consumption and required heat treatment. In the alloys used in this factory, special alloying elements are added to achieve the best mechanical properties of the ball. The chemical composition of the balls is thoroughly investigated in close collaboration with ingot suppliers and a strong in-company quality control system.

Surface hardness and volumetric hardness

The hardness of our balls is adjusted by carefully selecting the steel used and precisely adjusting the heat treatment parameters to suit each steel and for each specific use.

Supply and quality assurance

 the long and strategic relationship of this company

with raw materials, suppliers enable us to guarantee the customer that the balls purchased from this company are of the best quality and in accordance with the standards desired by the customer, and Raiva International Trading is able to provide the volume of customer requests within the specified time on his behalf continuously.

  • The superiority of steel balls produced by this company is characteristics like

standard size, perfectly spherical, high hardness, and good mechanical properties such as high resistance to abrasion, deformation, and fracture.

Steel ball production process

The casting of chrome-plated steel ingots with square sections with sides 160,140, ​​and 180 mm

Rolling ingots into bars with a diameter of 25 to 100 mm

-Heating the wire inside the heat treatment furnace

Rolling and forging balls with a diameter of 25 to 100 mm-

Perform heat treatment-

Ball quality control-

final product

Usage of steel balls

– Asia Copper Mines

– Asia Iron Ore Mines

– Balling

– Cement factories

Chemical properties of steel balls (grade: steel)

Cr % S max % P max% Mn% SI% C% DIN
0.55-0.7 0.03 0.03 0.75-.9 0.2-0.3 0.65-0.7 Cr270



 Technical specifications of steel balls

unit Quantity Specifications
Din 75cr1,72cr2,65Cr3 Type of steel
mm 25-100 Ball diameter
HRC 59 -61 Surface hardness
HRC 2-3 Difference between surface and center hardness
Tempered martensite Metallographic structure


Surface Hardness Ball Weight




Ball Diameter



58 -62

63/781 2 ± 25
110/214 2 ± 30
261/248 2 ± 40



58 -62

510/25 2 ± 50
881/712 2 ± 60



58 -62

1400/126 2 ± 70
2089/984  2 ± 80
2975/778 2 ± 90

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