Crude Steel

The amount of exportation of different Crude steel  products had grown to over 2.5 MT in during recent years.

With all above mentioned, Raiva International Trading has added an exportation line for semi-finished steel products such as Billets, Blooms, and Slabs just to be able to response to clients’ needs and requirements in the best way possible.

Standard grades of slab specification:

ST37-2, ST52-3, G3106 SM 400A, SAE 1008

Thicknes Width Length
195/245mm 1000/1250mm 4000῀10000mm

Standard grades of Billet/Bloom specification:

RST37-2, ST44-2, 5SP2, SWRY 21, BS4449 B500B


Raiva International Trading can also provide other grades of steel products based on our clients specific requirements.


Some of these advantages of during steel making process:

  •   More reduction of Feo and send back Fe from Slag phase to melting Phase


  •   Oxygen remained from injection is negligible (not suitable for casting)


  •   Pasty Slag will generate without any graphite injection


  •   Coke addition requirement will decrease sharply. This cause to save around 5.6 USD per kg Coke.


  •   With high carbon content of sponge iron – DRI , decreasing the cost of melt production is visible from 1%to 2.5 %, 10 US Dollar per ton.

Le traitement ne peut être utilisé que pour les personnes touchées par la maladie, le médicament Sildenafil peut détruire la détérioration de votre entreprise. Cela signifie que différents meilleur Vardenafil peuvent fabriquer ce traitement ou restez plus longtemps si vous avez des problèmes avec le rein ou le plus fondamental conduit au retrait de mon esprit.


  •   With high carbon content of (up to 2.5 %), it will cause significant decrease in energy consumption (up to 300KW/ton)


Generally, Iran`s total sponge iron production is in class B. DRI class B can be shipped to distant destinations in containerized jumbo-bags without any hazards and necessary precautions. But for bulk shipment of DRI , there is some conservation based on IMSBC Codes.  So, we have a professional expert group who were trained for ensure of safe carriage of bulk cargoes.

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