Iran country is one of the best producers watermelons in the worldwide because it is tropical or subtropical plant and need temperatures higher than about 25 °C to thrive. Therefore it needs to grow in warm places. Our county, Iran, weather is suitable for growing this delicious fresh fruit.




Iran is fifth country in the world in terms of watermelon cultivation and planting. Hence, watermelon exports are common in Iran.

The best types of Iranian watermelon are produced and exported in juicy, sweet and red colors in different cities. The largest exporters of watermelon are Spain. Mexico, Iran, Morocco and Italy are the next largest watermelon exporters. Germany, France and the Netherlands, along with the Arab countries and the Persian Gulf, are also major importers of Iranian watermelon.

As one of the suppliers of Iranian watermelon, we are committed to supplying the highest quality Iranian watermelon for export



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