Iranian Kiwi has the best eating quality of the existing green varieties, mainly due to higher levels of sweetness. The skin is thin (and can be eaten without much discomfort!) and the flesh is an attractive green with a white center and tiny, black seeds. Kiwi fruit is a superior origin of vitamin C and an excellent source of dietary fiber. Also is a good origin of the antioxidant vitamin E. In addition, it’s a pleasant source of the minerals magnesium, potassium and copper.

Iranian Kiwi Specifications

Item Value
Product Type Kiwi
Color Green
Taste Sweet, Sour ( Natural Fruit Taste )
Shape Oval, Round
Feature Firm, Not Soft, Not Overripe, Not Shriveled, Juicy
Size (g) 60-70 / 70-80 / 80-90 / 90-100 / 100-110 / 110-120
Shelf Life 7-14 days shelf life from date of receival.
Place of Origin Iran



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