Bauxite is aluminium-rich ore that is used for aluminium production (the metallurgical bauxites) and for production of refractory materials, chemicals or cements (the non-metallurgical bauxites).

Bauxite reserves in Iran

There are several deposits of bauxite with different and variable characteristics, most of which are karst deposits. These reserves are of Mediterranean type with Diaspora-Bohemian mineralogical composition, which are located in the regions of Central Iran, Alborz and Zagros. Yazd bauxite deposits in the north and west of this region are among the deposits of Central Iran.

We are dealing with around 1 million ton per year bauxite for export and domestic market.

We currently export bauxite to USA, Latin America, West Africa, Middle East and Europe.

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Our Bauxite is suitable for Cement production with Monohydrate, Boehmitic and Diasporic characteristics.

For more information on how to pay, product analysis and transporting the products, as well as issues related to international trade and the final price, you can contact us through the numbers which are available on the website or our social networks.

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