Aseptic Tomato Paste

Iranian tomato paste is low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. It also contains a massive amount of antioxidants that can help raise the immune system and help limit cell damage within the body.

100 grams of tomato paste contains 82 Calories, 60mg Sodium, 20g Carbohydrates, 4.3g Protein and etc.

Iranian tomato paste is highly demanded product on the food market. The most delicious ketchup and tomato sauces are made from this tomato paste and also juices made from mix of vegetables and other products. Iranian tomato paste is so popular because of the high quality and special taste. The climate in Iran supports a good harvest without using any additional treatment of the plants. Tomato paste can be made of cold or hot break processing method. This tomato paste has a very rich color and aroma of the ripe tomatoes.


We can offer Iranian tomato paste of the following types of quality:

  • TOMATO PASTE 36-38% BRIX Cold break
  • TOMATO PASTE 28-30% BRIX Нot break


Tomato paste is packed in aseptic bag inside metal drum. Average net weight in each drum is 200-250 kg.

Storage conditions: 24 months since production date under the temperature from -10С till +20С.

If you are looking for high quality Persian tomato paste, as the best Tomato paste supplier and producer in Iran, we are honored to assist you.



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