Iran is one of the pioneer countries in fresh fruit exports. Iranian Apple is one of the most important export fruits of this country. Every year, many traders travel to Iran to buy it in different months of the year. India, Russia, Iraq, Oman, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and other countries in the region are regular fans of Iranian apples.


The Apple trees are mostly planted in Urmia, Mashhad, and Shemiran, and Azerbaijan province. Moreover, in Iran the harvest seasons for Apples are winter and summer.

The price of Iranian apples is in different ranges due to the inflation of Iran, the weather conditions, export conditions and the demands of the country, and it is not possible to determine the price of Iranian apples accurately

Iranian Apple Specifications

Item Value
Product Type Apple
Variety Fuji Apple
Royal Gala Apple
Red Delicious Apple
Golden Delicious Apple
Granny Smith Apple
Delcorf Apple
Braeburn Apple
Golab Apple
Color Red, Yellow, Green ( Depending on Variety )
Taste Sweet, Sour ( Natural Fruit Taste )
Consistency Firm, Juicy, Crisp-Fleshed
Shelf Life Produce must provide not less than 14 days clear shelf life from date of receival.
Place of Origin Iran



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