Orange Concentrate

Fortunately, due to the weather conditions in Iran, it is possible to grow all kinds of fruits. Orange can also be used in the preparation of concentrate, it is one of them. One of the characteristics that prove the authenticity of Iranian orange concentrate is its bitter taste. The taste of Iranian oranges is completely different from the taste of foreign oranges. Most of Iran’s oranges are grown in the northern region of the country. 1 kg of concentrate can be produced for every 22 kg of oranges.

The color of orange concentrate in Iran is yellowish-orange, which gives it the aroma, color and pleasant taste of fresh oranges by using it in food products. Orange concentrate has a smaller volume than its juice because some of the orange juice is removed during the process of producing the concentrate. Iranian orange concentrate has a bitter taste compared to its foreign samples.

Oranges produced in Iran are used both for export and for the production of concentrates at a very reasonable price.

We provide this product in one form of packaging for our clients based on their request:

  • 230 kg aseptic bag in metal drum

We can arrange other packing types by customer’s request.

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